We support grassroot organisations, social enterprises and aspiring social entrepreneurs in the Himalayas through knowledge sharing, shared learning, fund raising activities and volunteering.
UTSAAH’s Objectives:
UTSAAH supports initiatives in the Himalayas that bring about tangible and intangible social change, which specifically aim at creating a collective consciousness and a value based change in the social fabric of the communities they work with.
Specifically, we strive to:
  • Increase awareness of the challenges faced by communities in the Himalayas and their need for support
  • Raise funds for charitable causes for rural, isolated Himalayan communities to provide sustainable, beneficial development through education, healthcare, conservation and enterprise
  • Create a network and community of social entrepreneurs in the Himalayas and the UK with a view to individually or collectively contribute towards Himalayan communities, solely for charitable purposes
  • Build long-term partnerships with organisations in the UK and abroad
  • Build long-term relationships with aspiring volunteers in the UK and abroad.
We hope to create opportunities for social entrepreneurs and social change makers to come together on a regular basis (perhaps through an annual event) to deepen their friendships and enable feasible collaborations. This could be done through events, journeys, retreats.
To achieve our objectives, we:
(a) Raise awareness in the UK about challenges facing mountain communities in the Himalayas through formal and informal presentations, events and social media.
(b) Build long-term relationships with aspiring individuals and organisations in the UK to help them connect with a range of social initiatives.
(c) Raise funds for social initiatives to support a range of activities including education, health care, conservation, social entrepreneurship and technology and innovation deployment amongst others.
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