Arun Harish – Co Founder

Arun grew up in Bangalore, India and has been living in Newcastle, UK since 2002. He is passionate about the Himalayas and is driving UTSAAH’s sustainable and organic growth to deliver impact. As a Scientist by training, Arun is also keen on exploring the role of science and innovation in delivering societal impact globally. In his day job, Arun is the Director of Strategic Marketing at CPI, a leading UK technology innovation centre and holds a PhD in Medical Nanotechnologies from Newcastle University’s Medical School and an MBA from Warwick Business School.
Sunil Chauhan – Co-Founder

Sunil is a traveling volunteer for social change initiatives across the Himalayas. He spends his time traveling from Kashmir to Arunachal working with grassroots communities on developing collectives for environment conservation, micro enterprise development, education, skill development and advocacy.
Radhika Ghanekar – Treasurer

In her day job, Radhika works as financial accountant. With a background in interior design and accountancy, Radhika is inspired and in awe of the mountains, which, as she puts it, ‘signify peace and strength of mind’. She is willing to make a positive contribution and difference in the lives of people less fortunate.
Rosalyn O’Brien – Secretary

Rosalyn joined UTSAAH Initiative as Head of Marketing Communications & Events in Sep 2016 and has recently become Secretary for the Initiative. After graduating, Rosalyn worked and travelled extensively across South East Asia and Oceania gaining an insight into challenges faced by those living in developing countries. This ignited her passion to work in the development field. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Development Studies from LSE this year.
Gon Asla – Heath and Social Care Lead

Gon has a diverse professional background ranging from poetry and creative writing, through to artificial intelligence and computer science, and most recently nursing and corporate social responsibility. Along side his role at UTSAAH, Gon is the current Head of Research and Innovation of First Aid Africa, an international charity committed to the development, delivery and promotion of sustainable first aid education in rural areas of southern and eastern Africa. During his time in this position he has led an innovative restructure of the research department, establishing half a dozen different research projects in collaboration with academics from Edinburgh Napier University, St. Andrews University, Cardiff University and other institutions around the UK.

Vidya Sarangapani – Education Lead

Vidya is a researcher, educator, learner, mother, warrior, feminist and seeker. As a researcher, she explores how schools can better engage with technology and impact thinking skills in their learners through cross-cultural learning activities. Also, she works with schools on novel learning approaches within and outside curriculum. Vidya constantly seeks to raise her voice on the inequity and inequalities in the world. She is engulfed by the transformative goodness of Kriya yoga and soaks in the delight it offers by practising it every single day.
Niharika Puri – Volunteer
Jodi Dinkelman – Volunteer
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