Alaap is a not for profit organisation working to bring back the native forests of the Himalayas.

Alaap believes if the mono cultured pine forests of Uttarakhand (which make up for more than 65% of the forested land) can be turned into bio-diverse native forests, many of the development challenges of Uttarakhand can be addressed, sustainably bringing more dignity to the lives of the mountain communities.
Alaap has a 4 pillar approach:
1. Scientific innovation: the organisation believes in native forest creation using the Miyawaki method.
2. Behaviour shift: Alaap focuses on the youth with a dedicated initiative designed for youth mobilisation and investing in them to create eco-changemakers.
3. Legal Advocacy- It works directly with local communities on issues of community forestry and more autonomy for Van Panchayats in the state.
4. Sustainable Livelihoods- Alaap links economics to conservation, facilitating  opportunities for sustainable livelihoods linked with forest creation and conservation.
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